Partnership. Commitment. Experience.

  • Top-Notch Management.  The most important attribute we seek in companies is a highly functional and motivated management team.  We look to partner with successful management teams running market-leading companies and to build value together.
  • Economic Alignment. We believe in the power of mutual ownership and clear alignment of interests.   We are significant co-investors in all of our companies with more than 10% of our investment dollars coming from Audax employees.  Without exception, our portfolio company CEOs and management teams stay committed as meaningful investors.
  • Value Creation.  We focus exclusively on control equity investments in middle market companies that have numerous opportunities for value creation. “Buy & Build” is the cornerstone of our model, but our capabilities for building value extend well beyond acquisition-driven growth to revenue, cost, and capital efficient strategies.
  • Sensible Capital Structures.  While we use leverage in every transaction, the amount of leverage is a function of the business strategy as well as the cost of the incremental debt.  We capitalize our companies so that management has the ability to execute the strategy and not be overly burdened with debt.

I can’t imagine a better partner than Audax.  They kept me involved and allowed me to work with them to build value together.  The results were fantastic for my family and me.”

  • Dr. Walter Knysz Founder and Chairman, GEDC