Our investments are headquartered in the US and Canada.  Their operations span five continents and 21 countries.

  • Kurt Versen Company

    Industrials Engineered Products Materials
    Industrials Engineered Products Materials

    Kurt Versen CompanyRealized

    Kurt Versen Company

    Westwood, New Jersey

    Kurt Versen is a designer and manufacturer of high end specification-oriented, recessed downlighting for commercial applications.

  • Nicholl Food Packaging

    Industrials Materials
    Industrials Materials

    Nicholl Food PackagingRealized

    Nicholl Food Packaging

    Cannock, United Kingdom

    Nicholl is a leading supplier of aluminum foil containers to the European food sector, with operations in the United Kingdom, France, and Beligum.

  • Industrials Materials

    Ready Mixed Concrete CompanyRealized

    Ready Mixed Concrete Company

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Ready Mixed Concrete is the leading provider of ready-mixed concrete and concrete-related products to metropolitan and rural markets located throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia.


  • RESA Power Solutions

    Business & Consumer Services Industrials Materials
    Business & Consumer Services Industrials Materials

    RESA Power SolutionsRealized

    RESA Power Solutions

    Houston, Texas

    RESA Power Solutions is a provider of life extension solutions for electrical distribution and control equipment.

  • Silver State Materials

    Industrials Materials
    Industrials Materials

    Silver State MaterialsRealized

    Silver State Materials

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Silver State Materials is one of the largest providers of ready-mixed concrete and aggregates for residential and commercial construction in Las Vegas.

  • Thalheimer Brothers

    Industrials Materials
    Industrials Materials

    Thalheimer BrothersUnrealized

    Thalheimer Brothers

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Thalheimer Brothers is a non-ferrous scrap metal processor of brass, copper, nickel alloy, and stainless steel. Selling to foundries, refiners and mills, Thalheimer processes mixed loads of alloyed and non-alloyed scrap to produce complex blends with the specific chemical properties required by its customers.

  • Victor Oolitic Stone

    Industrials Materials
    Industrials Materials

    Victor Oolitic StoneRealized

    Victor Oolitic Stone

    Bloomington, Indiana

    Victor Oolitic is a raw material supplier of dimensional limestone including blocks, slabs, and sills to the North American market.