Our investments are headquartered in the US and Canada.  Their operations span five continents and 21 countries.

  • Healthcare

    42 North DentalUnrealized

    42 North Dental

    Waltham, Massachusetts

    42 North Dental is a leading dental practice management company in the New England region.

  • Healthcare

    Active DayUnrealized

    Active Day

    Trevose, PA

    Provider of adult day care health services at 90+ centers across the United States.

  • Healthcare

    Advanced DermatologyRealized

    Advanced Dermatology

    Maitland, Florida

    Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is a dermatology-focused physician practice management company, with clinics around the United States which provide clinical, cosmetic, and pathology services. ADCS also provides billing and coding services for third-party dermatology practices under the Ameriderm trade name.

  • Healthcare

    Altasciences Clinical ResearchUnrealized

    Altasciences Clinical Research

    Laval, Quebec

    Leading early phase contract research organization (CRO) in North America.

  • Healthcare

    Aspen Surgical ProductsUnrealized

    Aspen Surgical Products


    Aspen Surgical is a leading provider of branded and private label single-use surgical products

  • Healthcare

    Axia Women’s HealthUnrealized

    Axia Women’s Health

    Voorhees, New Jersey

    Axia Women’s Health is a provider of women’s healthcare services with over 50 locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Axia offers obstetrical, gynecological, laboratory, mammography, fertility, and general women’s health services.

  • Healthcare

    Belmont Medical TechnologiesUnrealized

    Belmont Medical Technologies

    Billerica, MA

    Belmont is a technology leader in rapid infusion systems used to treat critically injured patients experiencing material blood loss.

  • Healthcare

    Chesapeake IRBRealized

    Chesapeake IRB

    Columbia, Maryland

    Chesapeake is a leading provider of independent institutional review board (“IRB”) services to major pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, universities, academic medical centers, and hospital systems. Chesapeake performs independent reviews of proposed research projects and principal investigators to assure the protection and welfare of human subjects in clinical trials.

  • Healthcare

    Correct Care SolutionsRealized

    Correct Care Solutions

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Correct Care Solutions is a comprehensive healthcare solutions provider to local, county, and state correctional facilities. CCS provides daily healthcare to over 65,000 patients in correctional facilities throughout 21 states.

  • Healthcare

    Denver BiomedicalRealized

    Denver Biomedical

    Golden, Colorado

    Denver Biomedical is a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of medical devices for fluid management in the chest and abdomen. The company’s products include the Denver Shunt™, the Pleurx pleural catheter system, and the ascites catheter system.

  • Healthcare

    Gastro HealthUnrealized

    Gastro Health

    Miami, FL

    Gastro Health is a provider of gastrointestinal care.

  • Healthcare

    Great Expressions Dental CentersRealized

    Great Expressions Dental Centers

    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    Great Expressions Dental Centers is a dental practice management company providing professional corporations general and specialty services including endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, pedodontics, and periodontics.

  • Healthcare

    Injured Workers PharmacyRealized

    Injured Workers Pharmacy

    Andover, Massachusetts

    Injured Workers Pharmacy is a specialty mail order pharmacy focused on injured workers who qualify for workers compensation. As an advocate for those who have been injured, Injured Workers Pharmacy takes the financial burden out of the medication process by shipping medications directly to the patient and collecting payment from the insurance company.

  • Healthcare

    Katena ProductsUnrealized

    Katena Products

    Denville, New Jersey

    Provider of precision ophthalmic instruments, devices, and therapeutics

  • Healthcare

    Laborie Medical TechnologiesRealized

    Laborie Medical Technologies

    Toronto, Ontario

    Laborie Medical Technologies is a leading global provider of urodynamic testing equipment and consumables for urinary incontinence. Laborie supplies physician offices, hospitals, and mobile providers on six continents.

  • Healthcare

    Lifemark HealthUnrealized

    Lifemark Health

    Toronto, Ontario

    Lifemark Health and Viewpoint Medical Assessments are leading providers in the physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and medical assessment markets in Canada. Lifemark and Viewpoint provide treatment and assessment services for patients in over 100 clinics, long term care centers, retirement homes and communities across Canada.

  • Healthcare

    Meridian Behavioral HealthUnrealized

    Meridian Behavioral Health

    New Brighton, Minnesota

    Meridian Behavioral Health is a provider of addiction treatment services at residential and outpatient facilities.

  • Northern Digital

    Healthcare Software & Technology
    Healthcare Software & Technology

    Northern DigitalRealized

    Northern Digital

    Waterloo, Ontario

    Northern Digital is a developer and manufacturer of optical and electromagnetic technology for image-guided surgical, industrial test and measurement, and research applications.

  • Numotion




    Rocky Hill, Connecticut

    Numotion is a national supplier of complex rehabilitation equipment and assistive technologies with over 130 locations across the United States.  Numotion provides mobility and seating solutions including power wheelchairs, manual and lightweight wheelchairs, adaptive seating, and related rehabilitative equipment.

  • Healthcare

    PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health ServicesUnrealized

    PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services

    Blairsville, Pennsylvania

    PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services is a provider of physical therapy with over 80 locations.

  • Reed Group

    Healthcare Business & Consumer Services
    Healthcare Business & Consumer Services

    Reed GroupRealized

    Reed Group

    Westminster, Colorado

    Reed Group is a provider of proprietary, evidence-based return-to-work guidelines and outsourced absence and clinical case management services that assist in the reduction of disability and absence costs for employers.

  • Healthcare

    TridentUSA Health ServicesUnrealized

    TridentUSA Health Services

    Sparks, MD

    Trident USA is the leading national provider of bedside diagnostics services offering mobile x-ray, ultrasound, teleradiology and laboratory services to skilled nursing home, assisted living, home healthcare, hospice and correctional markets.

  • Healthcare

    United Urology GroupUnrealized

    United Urology Group

    Owings Mills, MD

    United Urology Group is a urology physician practice management company with clinical offices and ambulatory surgical centers across Maryland and Tennessee. The company provides general urologic care and has ancillary service lines including surgical centers, pharmacy, radiation therapy, and a pathology lab.

  • Healthcare

    Vision Group HoldingsUnrealized

    Vision Group Holdings

    West Palm Beach, FL

    Leading provider of refractive surgery with over 120 locations across North America.