Value Creation

Our goal is to help middle market leaders reach the next level.  We do this through five primary value creation strategies:

  • Strategy Development and Refinement.  We work with our management teams to develop, refine, and enhance their long-term strategies.  We are focused on building great companies that can compete and thrive in today’s global economy.
  • Buy and Build.  We have built an expert team with the resources and experience necessary to execute an acquisition-driven strategy, support our management teams, and deliver transformative value.  The team has sourced, executed, and integrated over 500 add-on investments since 2002.
  • Revenue Growth.  We help our management teams drive revenue growth and bring significant resources and experience to initiatives such as pricing optimization, sales force build-outs, and new product and service offerings.
  • Systems and Process Enhancement.  Transforming companies also means being able to scale internal systems and processes.  We have deep experience in supporting our management teams as they navigate the development of their people, systems, metrics, and management processes.
  • Efficiency and Capital Optimization.  We have expertise in purchasing / supply chain management, lean initiatives and other operational improvements to support our management teams and portfolio companies.

The combined efforts of our team were instrumental to achieving this successful transaction. Audax Private Equity was a great resource for us. Their experience sourcing and integrating add-on acquisitions on a global scale was critical to build our business.”

  • Jeffrey P. Fine President and CEO, CIBT