Flexible.  Creative.  Rigorous.

Our goal is to partner with management to fuel growth of market leading companies and build substantial equity value. We partner with proven management teams equally committed to creating long-term value. We are collaborative, committed, team-oriented partners who pride ourselves on being responsive and thoughtful. We bring the resources necessary to support execution.

  • Tailored Transactions. We structure transactions for sellers whether they are owners staying with the business, owners seeking to transition out of the business, corporations divesting assets, or financial sponsors seeking an exit. We are responsive to individual needs and have the experience necessary to offer creative solutions.
  • Buy and Build.  We accelerate organic growth within our platform investments with add-on acquisitions. Some companies have acquisition pipelines and capabilities at the time of our investment. Others need assistance in developing a strategy, identifying and sourcing acquisitions, and/or integrating and maximizing the value of acquisitions.  In any case, we bring tested resources and experience.  Our “Buy & Build” strategy generally follows one or more of the paths outlined below:
    • Execute a few strategic add-ons to unlock value.
    • Consolidate an industry – some of our companies have completed more than 10 acquisitions, and a few have made more than 20.
    • Merge with a competitor of similar scale.
  • Teamwork.  We work in teams, allowing us to move quickly through the transaction process and continue supporting management during our ownership.  For each investment, a team of professionals works closely with our management partners to provide access to Audax internal resources and external relationships.  We work collaboratively to make data-driven, consensus-oriented decisions.

The combined efforts of our team were instrumental to achieving this successful transaction. Audax Private Equity was a great resource for us. Their experience sourcing and integrating add-on acquisitions on a global scale was critical to build our business.”

  • Jeffrey P. Fine President and CEO, CIBT